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Are Pest Control Chemicals Safe?

Pest infestations don't just damage your property; they can also put your family's health and safety at risk. From triggering asthma and allergies to spreading bacteria and diseases and causing structural collapse, many household pests are hazards that need to be dealt with responsibly.

However, it's important that your pest control measures don't end up causing the harm you're trying to avoid. Read this short guide to find out some of the dangers of chemical pesticides, how to stay safe and how to choose a reputable pest control service.

Dangers of pesticides

Pesticides are products designed specifically to kill and control pests, but they can harm other living things they come into contact with, too, including humans and pets. Improper use of chemical pesticides can lead to them entering the body through the eyes or skin, the air we breathe or contaminated food and drink.

Depending on the type of chemical and the level of exposure, the effects may be mild or severe. They can range from blisters, rashes and feelings of dizziness or nausea to more severe long-term effects such as blindness, damage to bodily systems, increased risk of cancer and other diseases, or even death.

Improper use of chemicals doesn't only harm people and animals in direct contact, but also the surrounding environment. These chemicals can poison the land, water and air and enter the food chain, harming beneficial insects and causing widespread damage.

How to use pesticides safely

If you're planning to use pest control products yourself, it's vital that you read and follow the safety directions on the packaging. You must also:

  • wear appropriate protective clothing
  • clear the area from people and pets
  • only use as much of the product as required
  • not leave pesticide bait or traps where children or animals may find them
  • not spray pesticide in windy conditions
  • not leave harmful products in food or drink containers where they may be touched by mistake

If you're not fully confident that you can use pest control treatments safely, it's recommended that you call in the experts.

What to look for in a pest control service

To be confident that you and your family will be protected and all pests eradicated from your home, it's essential to do your research and choose a local pest control company you can trust. Some things to look out for are:

  • They use natural pest control solutions when possible
  • Any chemical pesticides they do use are in compliance with Australian Standards and health and safety regulations.
  • Their agents are fully licensed to provide pest control in Perth.
  • They are bonded and insured to protect you in emergencies.
  • They have experience with your specific type of pest issue, whether it's termites, cockroaches or other infestations.

You should contact the pest control company if you have any questions or concerns about their methods or the products they use, or if you have special considerations such as allergies or illnesses.

Safe pest control in Perth and WA

Our licensed and experienced pest controllers at BP Pest Control can help you with any problem you're dealing with, using the latest safe and environmentally-friendly insecticides to help keep your family safe.

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