Autumn Bugs

Autumn Bugs

With autumn here and winter around the corner, you need to make sure you maintain your home for two good reasons. The first being to make sure you plan to for the cooler months ahead, and secondly, to prevent any nasty pests entering your home. The team here at BP Pest Control want to provide you with some advice on what you can do to prevent these critters from coming in and how we can help eliminate any bug problem you may be having.

During this in-between season, you will notice that the pests that will try to invade your home will be mice, rats, ants, cockroaches and fleas. You will find that the roofs and ceilings of your property will the most frequent targets these types of pests will try to break into. The reason being is that the ceiling cavities are a warm place to take shelter and to nest. But listed below are some areas that you should maintain to keep your house pest safe.

Pipes and Drains
As the cooler months are approaching, so will the rainy weather. Insects such as cockroaches are attracted to moisture and excess water. So, a poorly maintained downpipe or gutters are very attractive to these types of bugs. So we suggest checking your pipes regularly for leaks and to repair any damage seen on your channels as soon as you possibly can to prevent these critters from entering.

The bedroom is a place to investigate for critters. If you keep a lot of next season's clothes folded away in your wardrobe, we recommend you to go through and check for signs of damage and wash all of those clothes and if you need to store any, store them in sealed bags.

Another problem area in the bedroom is the bed with bed bugs. This pest is all year round, so we suggest every season to clean and vacuum the bedroom thoroughly and regularly, wash all bedding regularly and always inspect your furniture for any signs of damage.

The kitchen is known to be at most risk of a pest problem. This is due to the amount of food located in just one room of your house. As pests need a place for shelter and food, they will primarily target this room of your house first. So we highly suggest that you store food in air-tight containers. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink for extended periods of time. Regularly empty the rubbish bins and clean all aspects of the kitchen, including the bench-tops sinks, cookers, fridges and all other surfaces.

Although it may not be a perfect weather to go out in the backyard to garden, it is crucial that you keep branches and shrubs trimmed and not too close to your home, so it prevents an easy entrance for bugs to break in. Keep any form of compost and trash a good distance away from home and ensuring that bin lids are on and secure.

These are some of the tips that you can do to prevent pests from entering your home. If you do have a pest control problem, be sure to get in touch with BP Direst Pest Control today. We can help strategize and eliminate any pest that you are dealing with.