Autumn Pests

Autumn Pests

Autumn is here and with it is the chance of pests trying to enter your home to escape the cooler weather. With BP Pest Control, we can help prevent these pests entering your home during this season.

During this cooler season you will find the pests that will try to invade your home include mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, fleas and birds. Roofs and ceilings are your common target by pests, the reason being is because the roof cavities are a warm place to take shelter and nest.

Which ever pest you may be currently dealing with in your home, BP Pest can help you:
- Inspect your home and report any findings
- We will strategically set up baits and/or traps around the property
- We can place chemical barriers to help prevent pests entering
- Flush certain areas of your home such as crevices and cracks

We will also advise how you can help reduce future problems

If you are currently dealing with a pest issue, please contact us today. Our team of experts are here to help!