BBQ cleaning and hygiene methods

BBQ Cleaning and Hygiene Tips

It has been said that food poisoning generally doubles during the summer months, and with poor hygiene at barbeques being one of the most common causes. Food poisoning occurs in many situations from the bacteria found in raw meats.

Read on for BP Direct’s top 5 tips to a safer bbq season this summer:

Clean your BBQ
This may be the first time you’ve used your bbq for several months. Do you have any idea what bugs and rodents have been hiding out under your grill? Make sure to give your bbq a good old spring clean before using this summer.

If you use your bbq on a regular basis throughout summer, generally if you crank the heat up high and wipe down with newspaper you should be fine.

Thawed not Frozen
Probably don’t throw frozen meat onto the bbq, make sure to defrost the night before. If you don’t, it's possible the meat will appear cooked on the outside but is actually undercooked on the inside.


You should consider where possible, cooking your chicken and pork products in the oven prior to finishing off on the bbq. You will still get that beautiful charcoal flavour, but you're guaranteed the meat will be cooked all the way through - not to mention if you're cooking for a big crowd this will make your life easier.

The golden rule: do not let your cooked meats come in contact with raw meats!
Just as you would careful this doesn't happen in the kitchen; the same applies for the bbq. Allowing one to contaminate the other is how food poisoning happens.

Keep it cool
While you are cooking up a storm on the bbq, make sure to keep your accompaniments in the fridge; salads, dips, desserts, bread etc. This will help to prevent germs spreading and stop the flies landing on your delicious banquet.

Help eliminate the bugs and pests around your bbq entertaining area this summer. Get in contact with BP Direct on 9209 2030 or visit our website for an obligation free quote.