Bees and Wasps Services

Bees and Wasps Services

Springtime is here, and so are troublesome bees and wasps! Although it may seem refreshing to see the little black and yellow critters in your garden, pollinating your flowers, they come at a cost. Bees can be extremely dangerous to people with allergies, and without an EpiPen it can become deadly. Wasps are even worse, they’re naturally aggressive and territorial insects that like to nest under roofs and (unfortunately) near humans. Whether you’re allergic or not, both wasps and bees leave very painful stings when agitated. That is why we recommend hiring professionals when it comes to dealing with an infestation of these pests. 

Our process is simple, yet effective; we firstly thoroughly inspect the property to give a full report on the problem, so we can isolate how to deal with your specific infestation. Secondly, we use our own equipment to deal with insects. This can be a time consuming job, especially when the bees/wasps have built a hive within a wall cavity, so we appreciate your patience during the process. We then have to remove the hive without initiating an aggressive swarm. As soon as we have cleared the area and removed any traces (so that the Bees or Wasps can’t follow their old tracks) we give a personalized list of precautionary products or actions to reduce further infestations. We always recommend not leaving any food out, as all pests are attracted to what they may think is a new food source.

We urge you to call us when it comes to Bees or Wasps. Book now to get your pest problem under control!