BP Direct Services

BP Direct Services

 BP Direct Pest Control has been in business for over 44 years. We are Perth’s leading names in pest removal and preventions. Our services are fast and efficient and will have your property, whether it is residential or commercial, completely pest-free in no time at all. We offer an extensive range of services including;

- On-site assessments.
- Evaluations of the problem you are encountering in your property.
- Termite Baiting and treatments
- Immediate pest help
Residential Pest Control
The team at BP Direct know how important it is for people to live in a safe home. With BP Direct Pest Control domestic residential pest management, we ensure our client’s homes will be treated and monitored by one of our highly trained staff to make certain of maximum effectiveness. For each client, we design a custom plan to best suit your current situation, needs and concerns. We have the most up-to-date technology and methods which are all environmentally friendly to ensure a safe and effective removal of all types of pests in your home 
Most common types of pests we encounter in residential properties are termites, ants, bees, wasps, cockroaches, silverfish, siders and fleas, just to name a few. 
The BP Pest Control team are qualified pest control and management agents who have the latest Pest Control sprays to rid the nasty pests. Your team of Pest controllers are local and are always a phone call away.
Commercial Pest Control
Bp Direct are aware how crucial it is to protect your business, customers and employees from a pest infestation and rodents. Our team of experts will work with you to remove any immediate pest concerns as well as providing you with directions to ensure long term prevention. We offer weekly, monthly and quarterly commercial pest management plans to suit each and every commercial businesses needs.
Some of the commercial properties we specialise in include;
- Hospitals and Health care facilities
- Hospitality industry
- Production facilities
- Retail Business’s
- Schools and Daycares
- Mining
- Food Manufacturing
- Hotels and Motels
Preventing all types of pests become a real problem and start to infest is smart business. You will find that even the cleanest business’s and homes can have a pest control problem.
For a complete list of the types of pests we eliminate and the services we offer are the following;
- Termite management (whitens)
- Property reports for sale
- Pretreatments - concrete pads
- Ants
- Bees
- Bugs
- Cockroaches
- Caterpillars
- Carpet Beetle
- Centipedes
- Crickets
- Earwigs
- Fabric Pests
- Fleas
- Grasshoppers
- Lice
- Mice
- Moths
- Rates
- Scorpions
- Silverfish
- Spiders
- Slaters
- Wasps
BP Pest Control covers Western Australia’s areas including Perths inner rubbers and northwest including Joondalup, Geraldton, Lancilin and Perths South West such as Bunbury, Busselton and Augusta.
If you would like to find out how our team of experts can help you with an infestation problem, be sure to click the link here. Or if you would like to give us a call on 9209 2030, BP Direct Pest Control will gladly help you get rid of those pasty pests today!