Commercial Pest Control Properties

Commercial Pest Control

We are the commercial pest control experts.

Whether you are a health care facility, school, hospitality, food manufacturing, hotel, production or retail business, BP Direct Commercial Pest Control can manage any pest management problem that arises.

With commercial properties we can provide you with a regular service, whether that would be weekly or monthly pest management plan to suit your commercial business.

Preventing pests before they become a real problem is smart business. Even the cleanest of business’s can have pest control problems.

Commercial properties generally encounter spiders, rodent, bird, cockroaches and other types of pests.

If your business is suffering with any of these pests, or if you want to prevent these pests from entering your commercial property, we will be able to help out with your situation. BP Direct Pest Control covers WA areas including Perth’s inner suburbs and northwest including - Joondalup, Lancilin, Geraldton and Perths South West - Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River and Augusta.

Give us a call today on 08 9209 2030 to protect your Commercial Property.