Common Western Australian Spiders

Common Western Australian Spiders

Summer is here and so are the barbeques, campouts, and the great outdoors! Whether you’re out in the bush or relaxed at home we encourage you to keep a watchful eye out for one the nastiest and most dangerous pests that you can encounter; spiders. Though many of our native inhabitants aren’t life threatening, we still have quite a few dangerous spiders in Australia, such as the funnel web, white tail and the red back. We highly recommend hiring a professional when dealing with any unfamiliar spider, as the results could be a matter of life or death.  The list below will help you identify the common, spiders you’d find around your home or office in Western Australia:

1. Redback. These spiders can be found anywhere from bushland to your garden shed. Their bright red streak along their black bodies make them easily identifiable. Please take extreme care when cleaning your yard or outside furniture, as these pests spin their webs in any crevice they can find.  Please call a professional when you encounter this species, as they’re highly venomous. 
2. Huntsman. Large, brown, and hairy spiders. They’re commonly found around houses, and in the bush. While they might be big, they’re harmless, and definitely more afraid of you than you are of it. 
3. Trapdoor. These spiders may look aggressive, but they’re more of a retreating species rather than an aggressor. You can identify these spiders by their large black bodies, unlike the Redback, their limbs are thick and short. These pests live in burrows, if you find one on your property call a professional. These spiders make up for their lack of venom with a nasty bite. 
4. Black house spiders. These little pests are probably the most common spider you’ll come across in your home, they make their webs in window frames. Generally timid and harmless these spiders can give a nasty bite with a small amount of venom, enough to make you a little nauseous. 
So this spring and summer keep your eyes peeled for these nasty little pests, and if the need arises we highly recommend calling a professional when dealing with any animal that may be considered venomous. Have a fun and safe summer with BP Direct Pest Control!