How to Eliminate Ants from your Property

How to Eliminate Ants from your Property

Are these six-legged pests driving you mad, and taking over your property. Everywhere you look, inside the door frames, outside in the brickwork - here are a few tips to help you eliminate ants from your property.

Straight to the source

The nest! The source of your ant infestation lays within the ant nest. You could try pouring boiling water down into each nest, but beware the ants will most likely come running out & you’ll need to continue to pour the boiling water until no more ants surface from the nest. Alternatively, combine water and white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray away around their nests and anywhere they are entering your property. They hate the smell of vinegar and hopefully will seek shelter elsewhere. Don’t let this infestation get out of hand though, because the bigger the issue, the harder to remove. The team at BP Direct have over 45 years experience in the pest control industry, call us today on 9209 2030 and chat to our team about our pet-friendly ant treatment options.


Don’t feed them

Ants are attracted to food scraps, sugary and fatty foods especially. If you’ve got kids, you will understand better than anyone as to how quickly ants scatter in when there are crumbs and scraps left lying around the house. Try to place all open packets of food within the pantry in a sealed container, keep the lids down on the rubbish bins, and make sure pet food is in a tightly sealed container also. Ants hate flour and salt, so if you find they are still making their way into the dog’s biscuits, sprinkle a line of salt around the container and stop them dead in their tracks. At BP Direct our pest control treatments are pet-friendly, call the team on 9209 2030 if you would like further information.

Plants and herbs

There are a few strong smelling herbs and plants that ants hate the smell of, try planting these in the garden or in a pop placed next to the most common entry point the ants are using to get into your home. Basil and Sage are among the most popular plants that assist in deterring ants along with Mint, Marigold and Chrysanthemums. If planting these around your home doesn’t seem to stop the little buggers, at least the house will smell delightful.

Call in the pest control guru’s

So you’ve tried everything you can think of, and still the ants continue to welcome themselves into your pantry, and dig up the sand in the brick pavers outside - well it’s time to call the experience pest control team at BP Direct. We have been in the pest control industry for over 45 years now, and we have a solution for all your pest control problems.
Call us today on 9209 2030 and have a chat to our friendly team and get your ant issue under control.