Springtime is Flea Territory

Springtime is Flea Territory

Perth is finally starting to warm up, which we are eager for, but if you’re a pet owner you should be looking out for a small, unwanted, pests. Our beloved pets may be at risk of their nemesis – fleas. Unfortunately along with the warmer weather comes the small, yet nasty animal-loving fleas. They may seem insignificant, but they are the main cause of skin disease in our pets. Symptoms include excessive itching, weeping sores and scaly skin. If that wasn’t enough, these bloodsucking critters can introduce tapeworms to your pet’s body.

Characteristics of a Flea:

  • Generally between 2-7 mm in length
  • They are brown in colour with an oval shaped, flat body
  • Feed on warm blood, which is why they are attracted to your dogs & cats
  • Most active in warmer weather
  • They can leap significant distances

Yes, fleas are present all year round, but they are most aggressive in spring, which is generally when their numbers are soaring. This is why you need to take precautions, like washing your animal’s bedding and sleeping area regularly. If you notice any irregular signs of scratching, make sure to check through your pets fur as soon as possible. Additionally keeping your lawn freshly mowed, and vacuuming the house regularly will keep these nasty little pests at bay.

Have you noticed the signs of a potential flea infestation on your perth property?
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