How to deal with fleas

How to deal with fleas

Have you noticed your pet has been scratching a lot, or you are finding a lot of bugs around where your pet sleeps? You are most likely dealing with a flea problem.

Fleas are very small dark brown parasitic insects that infest the coat and skin of pets. They have an amazing skill allowing them to jump up to 150 times their own length. Fleas are also found around where your pet rests and feeds. These insects prefer warm humid conditions, so it is very common for fleas to flourish during this Summer season.

In terms of dealing with a flea infestation, pet hygiene is very important. We recommend that pet bedding is regularly washed with an appropriate flea wash. and it is important to regularly check for fleas on your pets. What can also help with this issue is regular lawn mowing and vacuuming.

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