How to deal with Rodents

How to deal with Rodents

In Australia, rats and mice are one of the most common pests to have and can be a serious problem for both residential and commercial properties. BP Direct are here to give you a few tips and tricks to help protect your property.

Not only are rodents are a severe health risk, but they can also cause a significant amount of damage to your property by chewing things and by their burrowing activities. Rodents can adapt to almost all environments, if they have a water source and have found a good hiding spot, they are not going anywhere! There are a few signs to look out for when trying to find out if you have a  rodent problem:

- Scratching noises
- Property damage
- Dark Droppings
- Nests & Burrows

To avoid having a problem with rodents there are a couple of things you can do to prevent having a serious issue:

- Make sure garbage bins are closed
- Store food in containers
- Avoid putting meat in compost bins.
- Removing clutter and overgrown vegetation

A problem such as rodents can be a lot of hard work for the average home or property owner. So if you have or wanting to prevent a rodent problem, please be sure to contact BP Direct Pest Control today! Our team of experts can help inspect, set up baits, traps and can advise you further on how to prevent this happening again!