How to deal with silverfish

How to deal with silverfish

Silverfish are a nocturnal insect that like to be in places that are dark, damp and cold. So be on the lookout in your bathrooms and kitchens. The good news is is that they do not bite, spread diseases or do a lot of damage to our homes, they mainly like to nibble on items such as paper, glue, dry goods, cereal boxes etc.

If you do see the odd one or two silverfish in your home, do not be completely worried. It is when they show up in larger numbers is when you need to take action.

Perth Pest Control offers a wide range of Services, Treatments and Removal Plans to remove unwanted Silverfish. We are also here to provide you with some tips of how to avoid a silverfish infestation. To avoid an invasion, be sure to:
- Keep your home clean and tidy, vacuum your house regularly to pick up food crumbs
- Avoid storing papers and books in boxes on the floor
- Store clothes in sealed plastic bags or plastic lined drawers to prevent them getting in.
- Keep dry food in containers with tightly sealed lids

So are you dealing with a Silverfish infestation? Or wanting to find out more information about our services? Be sure to get in contact with Perth Pest Control today!