How to Identify Rodent Infestation

How to Identify Rodent Infestation

Summer is on the way, and with summer come rodents looking for cool shade, essentially, they’re burrowing in your home or office space. Mice and Rats are definitely Australia’s most common pest, as they can be found in any climate, incredibly agile, and once they find a suitable home they’re very difficult to get rid of.
Mice and rats are notorious for food damage, they’re constantly getting into food stocks, leaving droppings, and destroying packaging. Rodents also have the nasty habit of transferring disease, like food poisoning, ratbite fever, tapeworms, ringworm, and more. 
If you’re unsure about whether or not you may have mice or rats, here are a couple of signs to look out for (asides from seeing them running across your floorboards) : 
Smudge marks may occur on rafters, pipes, walls, and other parts of structures. These marks are the combination of oil and dirt rubbing off mice’s fur along frequently traveled routes.
You might be able to find gnawing marks on doors, ledges, in corners, in wall material, on stored materials, or on other surfaces wherever rodents are present. Fresh groups of wood shavings, insulation, and other gnawed material may be a sign of a serious problem. 
If you have either mice or rats, there are often sounds. You would be able to hear squeaking, running across surfaces, and gnawing within walls or in attics. 
If you’re finding any random shredded material when in your basement, attic, or shed, these may be nests. 
Finding any of these hints? A rodent problem is generally a struggle for the average homeowner to keep under control, and can be problematic for offices as well. Let BP Direct Pest Control help with your rodent problem today!