How to keep your garden rodent free

How to keep your garden rodent free

Rats and mice are possibly the most common pest we deal with here in Australia. They are a serious problem for both residential and commercial property owners. Rodents can not only be a very serious health risk to you and your family but they are also well known for causing significant damage to properties. They nest inside your roof and walls, and love overgrown gardens.
Rats can fit through
a gap as small as 2.5cm  
Having a rodent infestation in your garden is not only a nuisance but it is also dangerous and poses as a threat to buildings. Rats can cause structural damage to buildings like outdoor sheds by burrowing underneath the foundations and creating earth mounds. Not only that, but they will chew through any wiring or cables you may have in use.
Signs you have a rodent problem

  • Strong urine smell; rodent wee has a very strong unique smell that tends to linger for some time.
  • Scratching Noises; If they are nesting in your roof, you may have heard them scratching around during the night. Remember rodents are most active in the evening.
  • Droppings around the house; They are small dark pellet like in appearance and are normally scattered. 
  • Maybe you’ve seen a rat or mouse run past during the day or you’ve found a dead mouse laying around.
  • Visible tracks; You may be able to see a trail of movement in the sand or in dusty areas.
  • Burrows/Holes; Check of areas in your garden that are mostly undisturbed by you, if you see a sand mound approx 10cm in diameter it most likely belongs to an unwanted pest

Having a rodent problem in your garden can be a struggle for the average property owner to keep under control. Rats are always looking for a new place to live once in your garden they will continue to look for a new place to live, eventually making their way into your family home. 

Common places to find rodent infestations in your backyard
  • Garden; Rodents love to hide in overgrown vegetation, especially if it’s close to a wall.
  • Garage/Sheds; They will create a passageway using cracks in the bricks, vents, and door frames. If you leave your pet food/biscuits in here, make sure they are in a container mice/rats can’t chew through.
  • Compost Bins; Rodents are attracted to warm locations and your compost bin is the perfect place to hide and get a feed.
  • Vegetable Patch; Check your vegetables and seeds for any teeth marks or signs of bite marks.

How to avoid a rodent problem
The best way to avoid a rodent problem, is to make sure your food is hard to access. You can do this by making sure garbage bins are closed, food is stored in containers that rodents won’t be able to chew through and avoiding putting any meat in compost bins. Along with this, try to eliminate clutter and overgrown vegetation, as this is a perfect spot for nesting and burrowing. Lastly if you have birds make sure you don’t scatter their feed on the ground, use a feeder that sits above the ground.
If you think you have a rodent problem, or if you just want to get your property inspected, call BP Direct today. We will gladly inspect your property, report any findings and we will use the appropriate pet-friendly treatment to keep your garden and home rodent free. 
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