Is Your Home Ready for Termite Season?

Is Your Home Ready for Termite Season?

Termites are one of the biggest dangers to Australian homes, causing more overall damage than fires, floods, storms and earthquakes put together. It's estimated that one in five homes have a termite problem, but many people don't even know they have an infestation until the damage is done.

Most active in the warmer months, termites in Perth are a year-round hazard, with some species staying active through the mild winter. If you're worried that your house might have termites, the first step is to arrange a professional termite inspection. Your pest controllers will let you know if termites are present and recommend the most cost-effective strategies to remove them and prevent more expensive damage.

How do you know if there are termites in your house?

Termites aren't a single species, and they can sometimes be difficult to tell apart from white ants and other pests if you're not an expert. You may see swarming termites or notice leftover droppings and wings in their favoured areas (preferably dark and damp). Often, the presence of termites is detected by the damage they cause, though deeper structural damage won't always be visible.

A professional home inspection is the best way to tell if you have termites and to monitor whether pest control measures are working.

How do you keep termites away?

If you do spot signs of termites, or you want to avoid being another victim, they can be kept at bay by keeping up with home maintenance and placing barriers. If you have a more serious termite problem, your pest control specialist can suggest more options to termite-proof your home.

Block access points

Termites can enter houses through the smallest gaps, so fixing cracks and sealing gaps around pipes will help to keep them out.

Since they're drawn to warm and humid places, clear out your drains regularly, check vents for blockages and fix dripping taps to make your home less welcoming.

Annual inspections

If you're at risk from termites, it's recommended that you schedule an annual inspection. Regular inspections improve the chance that any possible problems will be caught before they become serious.

If your home has a termite warranty, annual inspections are normally a requirement.


Pest control companies may discuss physical and chemical barriers to prevent termites from entering your property.

  • Chemical barriers can be applied to soil around entry points or around your home's perimeter. These need to be topped up every so often.
  • Physical barriers are permanent installations, making them more expensive. Some modern homes are built with termite barriers already in place.


If termites have already made themselves at home, bait stations placed around your property will poison the colony over time. However, your home will still be vulnerable to further infestations if you don't take more preventive measures.

Book a termite inspection in Perth

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