Keeping Bugs Away From Christmas Feasts!

Keeping Bugs Away From Christmas Feasts!

Is it your turn to hold Christmas lunch or dinner this year? The last thing anyone wants in their food are insects of course! The team at BP Direct have a few tips and tricks you can implement around the home to help avoid these uninvited guests.

Christmas Day this year is predicted to be a lovely 29 degrees in Perth, perfect for an outside lunch — but there’s the constant threat of flies buzzing around your face and landing on your plate. Everyone can relate to how frustrating this can be!

So what can you do to keep these pests at bay?

Well, other than the obvious things like aeroguard, fly nets & covering up the food, here’s a few more neat tricks you may not have tried yet.

1. Citrus Peels - Flies hate the scent of citrus like oranges & lemons. Try leaving around a few citrus peels on the table near the food. The only downside to this, keep an eye out you don’t attract ants.

2. Pedestal Fan - Have you ever noticed that when there’s a breeze blowing the flies aren’t as annoying! It’s a win, win situation - not only will the fan help to cool everyone down but also keep the flies off the turkey.

3. Herbs - How about small herbs pots as your table decorations? Flies don’t like strong aromas from herbs, like basil, lavender and mint. Alternatively, you can use dried herbs, perhaps in small muslin bags and hang them around the table.

4. Coins in Water - Perhaps it’s just a myth, but we think it’s worth a shot. The theory behind this method is that flies ultimately believe that the coin in the bottom of the cup is the eyes of another, bigger bug/insect resulting in flies avoiding the cups. Try popping a few cups underneath the table and enjoy your Christmas lunch in peace.

5. Bubbles - Get the kids involved with this one! Good old bubbles — the smell from the soap seems to prevent mosquitoes, flies, bees & wasps from hanging around the dinner table. Killing two birds with one stone with this method, the kids are kept entertained, and the bugs are kept at bay. It’s a win-win situation.

If you’ve got any other handy hints for keeping the bugs away this Christmas we would love to hear them and be sure to hit us up for your annual Pest Control treatment before the festivities begin! We’re open up until Christmas day and will be on call over the break for any urgent pest issues.
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