Mosquitoes - The More You Know!

Mosquitoes - The More You Know!

Nothing beats a day out at the beach, or a relaxing barbeque at the park, that is until your legs and arms begin to itch and you wake to find your body covered in little red spots! The dreaded mosquitoes have arrived. With all of the rain that Perth’s been receiving and Summer being right around the corner, we thought that this would be a good time for some mosquito facts!

Why Do Mosquitos Bites Itch?

Trick question! Mosquitos don’t bite, they suck! Their mouths compile of a long, almost syringe like, tube that are used to penetrate the preys’ skin and suck out blood. The itch that arises is a reaction your body provides to the foreign mosquito saliva, penetrating our blood vessels. Basically, our immune system sends histamines to clean the area, which can be quite irritating. The more you scratch, the more histamines are sent. So it is actually the histamines that your body provides that causes the itching, not the mosquito.

Male Vs Female

The Female mosquito is the only one that actually feeds on blood; which is used as a protein source for the egg development. Meanwhile males feed on fruits and nectars, and they’re silent. The horrific, high pitch hum you hear is a female, not a male. The males’ lifespan is about 10 days, while the female can live up to 3 weeks and can lay 300 eggs at a time. The males will hover near a female for a chance to mate and for safety.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Here are some DIY methods for keeping mosquitoes at bay:

  • Remove or make sure to cover any pools, or ponds. This is will decrease the chance of eggs being laid nearby your home. 
  • Put up insect screens on your windows, so you won’t have to worry about them flying through the windows!
  • Make sure your lawn is cut and mowed regularly; this prevents any breeding or hiding areas for them. 
  • This tip is a little macabre, put out a bowl or dish of soapy water. This will attract mosquitoes that will then drown in the bubbles. 
If you’re struggling with a mosquito problem, and can’t find a solution, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We have professionals that have dealt with plenty of mosquito infestations, and know exactly how to get rid of them, and will show you how!