Simple Solutions To Keep Your Home Pest Free

Simple Solutions To Keep Your Home Pest Free

You need to make sure you family is in a safe, protected and healthy home. So it is crucial for you to make sure you keep pests such as cockroaches, termites, rodents and fleas away from your property. BP Direct offer a range of services to be able to help keep those nasty pests away from your home but also offer you some advice on how to avoid anything serious to happen!

General Cleaning
It is essential for every home to be regularly cleaned as the more dust and dirt you have enter your home the more attracted these rodents and pests are to enter your space!

Set up Traps
Although you may not be suffering from any type of rodent or bug in your home, it is always a good idea to keep traps set in those areas such as basements or attics that do not get much attention. That way you will always be prepared.

Set up Barriers
Protecting your home with a form of barrier is always a good idea to ensure your home stays pest free. Flies for example, a good way to keep them from entering your home is to plant mint and basil plants around the entrances of your home as these are a form of repellant.

If you are needing more help with pests, here at BP Direct we offer a wide range of services to ensure your home stays pest free:

- Inspections of the premises and report any findings
- We do chemical barriers, baits and treatments to get rid of pests
- We set up traps we know where pests will enter
- Track and monitor activity
- Advise you on how you can reduce future problems

Be sure to get in contact with BP Direct today, with over 44 years of experience, we will be able to identify all issues and help save and protect your home!