Summer Pest Control

Summer Pest Control

The warmer weather has started to arrive which means, its time to start protecting your home from an invasion of pests from entering your home! Although the weather is beautiful, summer does, unfortunately, come at a cost with bugs reproducing more frequently, and infestations are more likely to occur because they love this warmer weather. Here at BP Pest Control Perth, we want to provide you with some helpful advice that can eliminate and prevent bugs from entering your home. 

One of the best types of defence from an infestation occurring is simply prevention. The reason you may find an invasion of insects or rodents in your property is that of three things; food, shelter or water. Eliminating these elements from the equation will make the bugs not want to live in your house. Sources of food such as garbage bins, dirty dishes or food just generally left out will become an attraction for unwanted guests. 
Here is a list of things that you can do to help with your situation;
-    Keeping your house tidy, clean and sanitised throughout is crucial when it comes to situations like this. The cleaner your property is, the more unattractive your home becomes to bugs.
-    Make sure to clean all surfaces such as countertops, tables and other similar surfaces to ensure that no crumbs are left laying around or residue of food for ants to come and find.
-    Please clean all of your dishes right after a meal or at the end of each day. If you do them by the end of each day, keep them hidden by having them placed inside of your dishwasher ready to be washed.
-    Ensure you remove full rubbish bags inside of your home to the bins outside at all times, this is the biggest hotspot for pests to try and enter in.
-    Any form of cracks in the walls or ceiling needs to be patched up as soon as you possibly can to prevent an easy entry for pests to get in.
-    Bathrooms, laundries and kitchens regularly have a lot of moisture on the walls, floors and ceilings due to steam, etc., so it is highly recommended that you make sure to wipe down these areas to make sure these rooms are kept dry to prevent bugs such as mosquitos, flies or cockroaches from moving in.
-    Although we highly recommend you getting a professional out to eliminate bugs, if you do insist on doing it yourself, please make sure that you are eliminating the entire colony or nests of bugs. If you are only getting rid of the one or two pests you spot in your house, you are not resolving the entire problem.
Summer is a fantastic season to be in, especially in Perth. However, it does have its downside to it because of all the pests that thrive in this weather. To the average homeowner, it can be a struggle dealing with eliminating and preventing of insects and rodents from entering your home. If you would like a professional to help you prevent or eliminate pests, our team of experts can do the job. So get in contact with us or click the link below to see what services we offer.