How We Tackle Termites

How We Tackle Termites.

Are you avoiding pest control treatments because you’re worried about the chemicals and the effects these might have on your family & pets? Well, have you also considered the harm that unwanted pests will do?

No one wants termites, cockroaches, spiders, rats or other critters roaming throughout their home, but no one wants to be poisoned by the chemicals either. With BP Direct you get the best of both worlds - treating & protecting your home from termites while ensuring the health and safety of your family.

We use 3 brands of termite treatments; Termidor, Biflex and Exterra.


Termidor consists of a number of carefully selected and individually optimised ingredients to ensure a high quality product, which has a significant influence on the overall performance.”

We’re an Accredited Termidor Applicator & we use Termidor for the following reasons:

  • Long-term residual control
  • There’s no effect on soil microorganisms, earthworms and plants
  • Fast elimination of termite activity
  • Superior soil binding and transfer characteristics when compared to other products
  • Low dose, water based, non-repellant

So how does it work?

After our team of experienced pest controllers have conducted a thorough inspection of your property, we will then apply a termite treatment around the foundations of your property. When termites come in contact with the Termidor, they are instantly infected and unknowingly take this back to their colony, thus infecting more termites who have not even come in contact with the Termidor treatment. Termidor is non-repellant, which means the termites cannot detect the treatment enabling the process to take effect quicker and faster.


Biflex has been approved by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority and is relied upon by over 1 million Australian homeowners.

Why we chose Biflex?

  • It’s insoluble in the soil and won’t be leached away by rain or watering
  • The treatments will not create health concerns for your family or pets
  • Creates a protective force field around your home, to keep out termites
  • The active ingredient is modelled on the effective insecticide the Pyrethrum Daisy.

How it works

We conduct a thorough inspection of your property first before applying any form of treatment. If we can see signs of termite activity, we will then apply the Biflex treatment around the outside of your property using either an injection or trenching method to ensure the treatment reaches the soil.


Exterra is an in-ground termite station, that is safe for your family, pets and the environment.

Why do we use & recommend Exterra?

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Long Term, Effective
  • Family-safe
  • ‘Focus Termite Attractant’ - a natural & non-toxic additive used within each station, drawing the termites straight to the baiting station and away from inside your property.

How does Exterra eliminate termites?

Exterra baiting systems are designed to create an interception zone around your property, to prevent a termite invasion. In the case where termites are already active on your property, we can use above ground stations to draw them out quickly & effectively.
Termites are most active and destructive during the summer and warmer months, but don't be fooled by winter and assume they disappear. Yes, termites tend to dig down deeper into the ground in search for warmth, but they are still active.

So before termites become a problem on your property, call the BP Direct team on 9209 2030 and protect your family home from a termite infestation in the summer.