Taking Care of Business: Rodent Edition

Taking Care of Business: Rodent Edition

As a business owner, presentation is vital to growth. You have to work long hours and spend time earning a positive place in the community. But now, with the evolution of social media, just one bad review can send your business spiralling. That’s is why keeping your customers happy, and content, is basically the golden rule of business. In most cases, small businesses will deal with the odd bug here or there, but if you’re in the restaurant industry you’re dealing with a dangerous intruder, Rodents. 

If that doesn’t scare you, here are some facts about rats ands mice: 
  • Just one pair of rats/mice can reproduce so rabidly you can find yourself with up to a population of 500 in just 12 months.
  • They can nest anywhere, as long it is dark and dry, for example, attics, basements, under floors, wall cavities, and anywhere else they might be able to find in your building. 
  • They carry diseases, that when spread to humans, can be life-endangering. 
  • Their teeth are incredibly strong and very useful when it comes to gnawing through your walls and cables. 
Keeping the rodents at bay can be intimidating, but it is manageable with the right precautionary methods, for example cleaning all food debris away and keeping the office clean. Make sure there are no stacks of boxes inside the office, or piles of files, that could be made into nests. Do regular inspections of the facility to ensure that there are no gaps or openings in the pipelines where the rodents might be able to enter.
If you find yourself with an infestation too large to handle, discreetly, yourself, please contact us. We are professionals as we are trained to safely and securely remove the nest and its inhabitants.