We eliminate all pest types

We eliminate all pest types

Autumn has arrived and with the season comes a new batch of all pest trying to break into your home for shelter. With BP Pest Control we can help prevent these pests entering your home during this season.

BP Pest offers the latest in pest and termite control technology, and we also have environmentally conscious solutions to ensure we exceed your result expectations. We offer both commercial and residential pest control programs that will not only protect the property but your health as well. Our team of highly skilled technician professionals will assess and evaluate your situation to create a customised plan to best suit your home or business. We ensure our team provide all of our customers with friendly, informative and helpful service.

One thing to keep note of is that all of our work is insured up to $20 million. We also do have finance options available with free interest. Click here to find out more.

Preventing all types of pests becoming a real problem and start to infest in your property is smart business. You will see that even the cleanest business’s and homes can have a pest control problem.

For a complete list of the types of pests we eliminate, and the services we offer are the following;

- Termite management (whitens)

- Property reports for sale

- Pretreatments
- concrete pads

- Ants

- Bees

- Bugs

- Cockroaches

- Caterpillars

- Carpet Beetle

- Centipedes

- Crickets

- Earwigs

- Fabric Pests

- Fleas

- Grasshoppers

- Lice

- Mice

- Moths

- Rates

- Scorpions

- Silverfish

- Spiders

- Slaters

- Wasps

Whichever pest you may be currently dealing with in your home, BP Pest can help you:

- Inspect your home and report any findings

- We will strategically set up baits or traps around the property

- We can place chemical barriers to help prevent pests entering

- Flush certain areas of your home such as crevices and cracks

One of the best types of defence from an infestation occurring is simply prevention. The reason you may find an invasion of insects or rodents in your property is that of three things; food, shelter or water. Eliminating these elements from the equation will make the bugs not want to live in your house. Sources of food such as garbage bins, dirty dishes or food just generally left out will become an attraction for unwanted guests.

BP Pest Control covers Western Australia’s areas including Perth's inner rubbers and north-west including Joondalup, Geraldton, Lancilin and Perth's South West such as Bunbury, Busselton and Augusta.
If you would like to find out how our team of experts can help you with an infestation problem, please be sure to click the link here. Or if you would like to give us a call on 9209 2030, BP Direct Pest Control will gladly help you get rid of those nasty pests today!