Don't shrug off pest control just because it's winter.

Don't shrug off pest control just because it's winter.

There is a general perception in society that
pests don’t hang around in winter, and
that there is no need for pest control during
the colder months — This is not the case!

Yes while some pests do back off throughout our winter months, the majority of unwanted pests stick around looking for food & shelter on your property. So while you’re occupied thinking about which hearty winter dish to cook for your dinner guests, or which movie you’re going to watch tonight while cuddled up on the couch in your uggs, rodents, cockroaches and possums (just to name a few) are making a nest within your roof, walls or outside garage to shelter from the storms.

With that said, let’s run through the most common pests to be on the lookout for during winter, and our tips on how you can prevent them taking over your home or business.


Whilst laying in bed, have you hear the loud scattering of feet inside your roof at night? Just like mice and rats, possums also seek shelter and comfort within your roof and outside shed, entering your property through cracked/loose roof tiles and gaps in the foundation. Not only are these guys extremely loud at times, but they also stain your walls and ceiling with their potent urine and feces.

What to do:

  • Replace any cracked roof tiles, or gaps in your walls/roof.
  • These guys are protected animals so please don’t harm them!
  • Use baited cages that will not cause any harm to the possum and then release them into the wild — try using banana or apple to lure them in.
  • Call a professional to assist with the safe removal of the possums on your property.


These little buggers, in our opinion, are the most common of all unwanted pests, as we find them in the majority of Perth homes all year round. Cockroaches are extremely filthy critters and can transmit disease easily, so considering they scurry all around your home, through your kitchen where you prepare your meals, and on the floor where the kids play, they could be spreading diseases with them without you even being aware.

Our Tips:

  • Store all your food and open packets in tightly sealed containers - cutting off their food source.
  • Keep an eye out for feces and traces of cockroaches under the sink, around the bins and inside the kitchen cupboards.
  • Eliminate, by calling BP Direct, to conduct a professional pest control treatment, which is harmless to your family, kids & pets but highly effective towards the removal of cockroaches within your property.

Mice & Rats

Just like us humans, mice and rats seek warmth, shelter & comfort during the colder months of winter. As they are constantly searching for food, this increases the possibility of mice and rats dominating your home, and rodents are well-known for carrying diseases that could be of serious harm to your family. These furry creatures are stealth in their everyday movements and can make it hard to notice their presence but here are a few things you can do to help eliminate them from your property;

  • Store all your food in tightly sealed plastic or glass containers - cutting off their food source. Avoid fabric or cardboard containers that their sharp teeth can chew straight through.
  • Keep pet food outside. Mice & Rats are drawn to pet food, especially biscuits — keep these outside in a plastic container.
  • Keep your backyard and garden clutter-free, to help eliminate possible nesting areas.
  • Eliminate, by calling BP Direct, to conduct a professional pest control treatment. While our treatments are non-toxic to your family, kids & pets, they are highly effective towards the removal of mice and rats within your property.


Millipedes are the little black worm-like creatures that often curl up into a ball when discovered. These little pests seek for shelter inside your premises during the rainy months and feed on compost vegetation, decaying leaves or organic matter mixed with soil. While millipedes may generally be harmless to humans, they are attracted to light and soon become garden pests causing damage to your seedlings, and defend themselves by secreting chemicals from the pores along their body.

Our tips:

  • Clear and garden beds containing leaf matter to eliminate their food source.
  • Seal up any gaps around your property that can potentially be used as an entry point to inside.
  • Prevent an infestation, by calling BP Direct, to conduct a professional pest control treatment on your property.


Oh, snails! What pests these guys are. The leave slimy trails all over your plants and pavement and eat through your mail. Unfortunately, unlike most other pests, snails love winter and come out from hiding during the cold/rainy days.

Preventing methods:

  • Pellets. Store bought snail pellets are somewhat useful as a temporary solution.
  • Pick them up and remove them from your property, slowly depleting their numbers.
  • Most people think crushing them is the solution, except the mature eggs, can still survive an later hatch.
  • BP Direct offer safe and family friendly pest control treatment options for all your slimy snail concerns.

All of the above tips and tricks are purely prevention methods, and as we have all experienced at some point, it's just not that simple to remove unwanted pests once they have taken refuge on your property. The well-experienced team at BP Direct offer non-toxic pest control treatments that can help to eliminate all your unwanted pests. Call us today on 9209 2030 to further discuss your options and keep your property safe this winter.