Winter Pest Control Tips

Winter Pest Control Tips

Winter is approaching, which means mice, rats, cockroaches and spiders are wanting to invade your home. Here at BP Pest Control, we can help prevent these pests from invading your space, however, we are also here to provide you with some tips that will help prevent any issues happening.

Tidy your clutter
Getting rid of clutter, cleaning and organising your storage rooms will help prevent bugs coming in. They are after places to hide, so anywhere in your home that has not been touched in years is going to be targeted first!

Setting up Traps
It is always a good thing to set up traps in your house that you know or aware of where rodents may be able to enter.

Trees and Foliage
Foligage closely to the house can create a direct route for ants, rodent, spiders and termites to enter. Be certain to regularly cut and trim your plants closely to your house so that they cannot enter.

Make sure all your windows and doors are fully sealed, pests during this season want to find shelter and your house fits the bill. So be sure to check if any holes or gaps are sealed ASAP.

If you are finding pests entering your house, be sure to contact BP Pest Control, we can help provide perfect solutions for whatever pest or rodent you are dealing with and will always give you advice on other ways of preventing any more issues in your home.