Your local pest control company

Your local pest control company

If you are in need of eliminating a pest situation at your property wanting to have a pest prevention plan made for your house or business, then you have come to right website. BP Direct Pest Control offers our clients a huge range of services to fulfil your pest management or issue requirements. We are an Australian owned business with over 44 years of industry. Our team of experts are the best of the best and we know how to handle any pest problem you may be encountering.

Our service is fast, effective and professional. We will have your property (whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial property) completely pest-free in no time at all. BP Direct Pest Control offers a wide range of services, including the following:

-    On-site assessment
-    Evaluation of the problem
-    Termite baiting
-    Treatments
-    Immediate pest help

One thing that is fantastic about our business is that we offer finance options with free interest. All of the work we do is insured up to $20 Million. We will provide you as our client an initial site assessment and consultation to determine the most cost effective program for your problem or situation. Once we have the program instigated, the team here at BP Direct will provide you ongoing assessment and review to ensure you are receiving a level of service that either meets or most likely exceed your expectations and to ensure long-term removal of these nasty pests that are entering your property.

If you are wanting to know what pests we can deal with, here is the list below:

-    Ants
-    Bees
-    Bugs
-    Cockroaches
-    Caterpillars
-    Carpet Beetle
-    Centipedes
-    Crickets
-    Earwigs
-    Fleas
-    Flies
-    Grasshoppers
-    Lice
-    Mice
-    Millipedes
-    Moths
-    Scorpions
-    Silverfish
-    Slaters
-    Spiders
-    Wasps


So if your home or business is in desperate need for pest elimination, or if you are wanting to be smart and get a pest prevention plan sorted with us to protect your property, be sure to get in contact with us today! You can give us a call on 9209 2030 or you can give us an email at