Plants & Herbs that Deter Rats & Unwanted Pests

Plants & Herbs that Deter Rats & Unwanted Pests

Continued on from our previous blog "How to keep your garden rodent free” we look into plants and herbs that you can utilise around your property to aid in creating a rodent and pest free home.

Rat infestations can be extremely frustrating, and the first thing most people will turn to is poison or bait. If you would prefer to look for a more pet and environmentally friendly option to prevent a rodent problem on your property, then you should consider growing certain plants and herbs that deter rats and other unwanted pests.

Not sure what to plant in your garden? Let’s look at a few options.


To the human nose, peppermint has an enjoyable smell, rats and mosquitoes, on the other hand, hate it. Planting these trees around your garden will help keep rats off your turf. If you don’t to plant these trees in your garden, we suggest dipping a cotton wool ball in peppermint oil and placing your house and garden.


Lavender has very a strong aromatic scent and is quite effective at repelling rats, mosquitoes, and moths. Alternatively, to growing this herb, you could sprinkle a few stalks around the base of plants in your garden creating a barrier and keeping rats at bay.



During the spring months when Daffodils are in bloom, these bulbs act as a natural deterrent at the same time as bringing colour to your garden.


Mosquitoes hate this delightfully tasting herb. Place small pots of basil around the areas you like to sit outside most and relax knowing the mosquitoes won't bug you.


Dried Bay Leaves

Scatter a few dried bay leaves throughout your pantry and not only will it smell delightful but this neat little trick will keep those pesky weevils and moths away from your food!

If your unwanted pests are getting out of hand and these natural methods aren’t helping anymore, give the team at BP Direct a call on 9209 2030 and together we can work out a treatment plan to keep your family home pest free.

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